RUSBÁLTIKA is an international consulting firm specialized in the Baltic, Scandinavian, Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian markets. The core of our activity is the integral management of the trade relations between Spain and Northeastern Europe. We work together with our clients with the common target of their success, through every stage of the processes of export, establishment, real estate brokerage or investment, with a maximal customization in our performance and reliability in the execution, absolutely focused on results and with a rigorous rationalization of the costs.

Our team, complemented by an extensive network of local partners in several economic sectors and public institutions, has a valuable professional expertise in all the countries where it works, in disciplines as varied as legal advice, foreign trade, engineering, architecture, energy efficiency, property management, marketing, logistics, competitive bidding processes and finance.

Our group has developed its capability of adaptation and its profound comprehension of specific cultural and commercial phenomena while performing its professional activities for more than 10 years in Germany, Spain, Belarus, China, Moldova, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia and Ukraine.

Spanish agencies promoting exports (EXTENDA, IVACE, Aragon Exterior, Asturex, Extremadura Avante, ADE-EXCAL, IPEX) and Chambers of Commerce (Madrid, Ciudad Real, Zaragoza, Pontevedra…) trust us to develop workshops, conferences and commercial activities for the companies they represent. In addition to this, in recent years we have worked with over 300 companies, mainly Spanish, but also Lithuanian, Russian, Belgian, Ukrainian, Serbian and German ones.

Betting on a flexible structure has enabled us to maintain service fees at unbeatable prices and has provided us with a rare ability to support our customers in 11 countries, without diminishing one iota the pursuit of excellence

In RUSBÁLTIKA we are at your service to help you strengthen your business expansion in markets beyond the economic crisis, attractive and extremely profitable. Our job is to help you stop worrying about their cultural, linguistic and legislative complexities with the support of an expert, multilingual and multidisciplinary team, which will do their best to ensure your success in the projects to be undertaken in both Eastern and Northern Europe.

Since we believe that, when going abroad, the best advantage is knowledge, we offer an experience base that turns risks into opportunities.