According to Morgan Stanley, Spain is today the most attractive European destination for investment, only after Switzerland.

The huge attractiveness of the country in the coming years is based on the fact that many sectors have experimented sharp drops which have made their market value go below their intrinsic one. Once the phase of market adjustment will have concluded, investments made today will benefit from the evident potential for profits of an economic as advanced and solid as the Spanish one.

The big opportunities are not limited to the real estate sector: Spain offers great prospects for profitability options in nanomedicine, advanced therapies, bio-energy, food technology, hybrid transporting systems, desalinization or unmanned vehicles, among many other examples.

At the same time, this southern European country continues to position as the second in the world highest income-earner from tourism (only after USA), a sector which in Spain continues to grow at annual rates surpassing 14%. The exports sector has begun an unstoppable ascent, expanding more than 18% between 2009 and 2011 and Spanish companies are entrusted with huge international projects like the construction of the first high-speed velocity railway in Middle East (Talgo, ADIF, Renfe, OHL…), the bridge over the Straits of Messina (Sacyr) and the highway IH 635 in Texas (Cintra).

Some of the biggest Spanish companies count among the world leaders in their respective sectors: telecommunications (Telefónica), technology (Indra), renewable energies (Iberdrola) or steel (Acerinox). According to Euromoney, the best bank in the world is Spanish: Santander. The country is also the first in installed solar energy, with a potential of growth only comparable to that of the USA. For their part, Spanish enterprises of the textile sector (Inditex, Mango…) have experimented an impressive global expansion and, because of their efficiency and capability of adaptation, they already set the benchmark for business schools worldwide. In addition, Spanish quality of life and its performing health care system make the country rank 3rd in the world in life expectancy.

Spanish potential in Eastern Europe, whether to increase the export quotas of its products or to receive profitable investments from that region, is beyond any doubt. RUSBÁLTIKA helps you to orientate your project so as to make your company profit from this potential.