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The trust our clients have placed in us speaks for itself:

  • At the trade mission carried out in Lithuania by Rusbáltika they showed me their ability to work with a complete and very suitable business agenda. Above all, it is to be emphasized that they were able to obtain very important interviews with senior executives in companies with which we sought contact, thanks to their negotiating skills and cultural knowledge of the Eastern European markets.


    José Vergara
    CEO of BlueGold
  • The ex-Soviet republics are very interesting for those who want to significantly increase their export figures. To overcome their major problems (language, culture, mentality, way of negotiation), IT is essential to have a partner like Rusbáltika, with a high degree of professionalism, cultural and linguistic knowledge and talent to qualify for the commercial success in these markets.


    Juan Diego Navalón
    Commercial Director at NAGARES, S.A.
  • My business trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg with Rusbáltika was positive and profitable. The agenda that they prepared FOR me far exceeded my expectations, getting me meetings with companies and investment funds with assets over a billion euro, with which I still maintain trade relations. I was impressed by the ease they operate with in these countries so different from ours. Just a success.


    José Luis Montero
    Director at JOYFASA and Chief Executive Officer of DELÓGICA
  • MB Rusbáltika, a young and dynamic service company. I have very fond memories of them: professionalism, efficiency and, of course, results. I would recommend it without hesitation to those exporters who want to open new markets in Northern and Eastern Europe.


    Eustaquio Guardiola
    Export Department of Bodega y Almazara San José
  • Competition and features of our sector could pose obstacles to interest potential partners in Eastern Europe. Rusbáltika, thanks to their experience, effort and knowledge of the local business culture, managed to procure us meetings with the leading companies of our field, always with those responsible for import and purchases. Certainly I recommend them if you want to undertake the international expansion in their markets.


    Alejandro Martínez
    Export Manager at MZ DEL RÍO
  • Rusbáltika is comprised of excellent, bright and hard-working professionals with a precise knowledge of the markets of Belarus and Russia. We worked together on different projects with very positive results and we are confident to maintain our relationship with them in the very long term.


    Javier Ortiz de Artiñano
    CEO at FTR Consultants&HonoraryConsul of Mexico in Estonia
  • Because of their ability and experience on the field, I advise companies wishing to enter Russia and the Baltic countries to hire the services that Rusbáltika offers, especially the business meeting agendas with potential clients and the representation services, which allows to count on an agent or permanent representative in the area with all the benefits that it entails.


    Olegario Llamazares
    Director of Global Marketing Strategies
  • Professionals, good connoisseurs of their markets, involved in the business trips before, during and after them. This, combined with their great flexibility and mastery of the languages of the visited countries, makes Rusbáltika and its entire team the best and most effective option to start and grow in the markets where they are present. Our trip to St. Petersburg and Vilnius ended with a resounding success in the outcome of business agendas and meetings.


    Toni Sanchez
    External Export Department Manager