We transport your 5 senses thousands of miles away from your company’s seat without your ever needing to leave the office. ЯВ turns into a delegation of your company in Eastern Europe, to make sure that everything is under your control while you fulfill your obligations in any other part of the world.

Our Representation's services:

Representation services abroad

Rusbáltika assumes partial or comprehensive commercial representation of the client’s company in any chosen Eastern or Northern European market. This ...

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Follow-up meetings

After participating in a trade fair, a round of contacts or a commercial mission in your target-market you will probably ...

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Negotiation of agreements

We represent you to bring forward the accomplishment of agreements that your company, be it because of the distance or ...

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Customer support

Specially the entrepreneurs, distributors and big buyers of Russian origin like to know that if they happen to have any ...

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Management of communications

In Russia and Belarus is not at all uncommon for relationships with western companies to stagnate because of mere understanding ...

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Management of invoices and payments

ЯВ ensures in your name that the invoices for your products and services reach your clients in due time and ...

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Processing of work permits

If you are an individual willing to obtain a work permit in Russia or Belarus, or if you have employees ...

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